2011 Washington, D.C., finish. TransAmerica Trail by way of Tule Lake, California.
Mid-2000s, me on Hadrian’s wall

Hey internet. Hello world. How are things in your neck of the woods?

Let us salt the foundations of white supremacy: abolish the police. They came from the plantation.

End white supremacist institutions and weaponized law. Justice for Breonna Taylor — her murderers walk free.

White Silence is VIOLENCE. This is reverse-Godwin’s-law.

I have three documents from three generations of men in my family-of-origin:

  • The WWII Diary of Bob F. Travis (Travis AFB)
  • A 1954 self-published book on the family by Bob J. Travis
  • A 2004 family history by Gordon Smith

In the twitverse, I see the unloved and self-inflicting unloveable trolls. Lying. Pretending they care about equality (they would Doomsday device us all) and free speech (their hero, telling them “white is right: beat down on those whiny bitches! Rape, exploit and murder children and adults who don’t conform or look like your dad did. Feed them to the crocodiles. Rule by white terrorism. Lynch people on Sundays in your Christian nation.”) I know they are pure shame. I know they know they are wrong. Some of these white people are my relatives. A heritage of hate. A heritage of shame. I’ve seen Hitler cosplay at reunions (“But you loved ‘The Producers’?!”) on my mom’s side. It was a double shame as they thought that I was upset, not because of the uniform and its blood soaked history, but because they thought I didn’t want the story to be public.

My dad’s family had literary ambitions. I have published Bob F.’s WWII diary (reformcycle.org).

If you are in Atlanta, go to Emory’s Rose Library and you can view the Travis family history written by my great granddad, Bob J. Travis. As of Juneteenth, the Rose Library is still closed due to the pandemic. (Surely, Emory and the Carter Center will become a research resource for Black Lives Matter. Are they working to eradicate the causes of war?) The book was published at a Georgia press in 1954. The title is “The Travis (Travers) Family and Its Allies: Darracott, Lewis, Livingston, Nicholson, McLaughlin, Pharr, Smith, and Terrell.” The text begins, “People are strange.”

The last document is from 2004, and was written by my uncle. Gordon Smith was a graduate of U.S. Army Airborne and Ranger Schools at Fort Benning; Field Artillery Basic and Career Courses at Fort Sill; Quartermaster Corps Basic and S4/G4 Courses at Fort Lee; Judge Advocate General’s Corps Basic and Career Courses at the University of Virginia; and Command and General Staff College at the University of Southern Mississippi. He served as captain in 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) in Vietnam (Lam Son 719 and 720); later as a field artillery battery commander; and subsequently, staff judge advocate. He served as acting chief of administrative law United Nations Command\U.S. Forces-Korea\Eighth U.S. Army, Republic of Korea, 1990; and as brigade staff judge advocate, 48th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized), in Operation Desert Shield/Storm, 1990–1991. He retired in 1994 as lieutenant colonel, USAR, and colonel, GaNG. His mom was a terribly unhappy Republican.

Cecilia was born in 1918. She hated her brother Bill. (While they never spoke at Thanksgiving, she would loudly complain about him during the meal, “my brother Bill…”). Bob F. died way before I was born. I heard his plane was sabotaged. There were nukes involved; he was headed to Asia.

My grandmother told me that I would grow up to be a serial killer. She also recommended “moving around” when doing office work as an adult in order to be slim. She would jerk her foot when sitting crossed legged in a chair, ruminating (one of her kids picked up this habit, too.) She really hated me, herself and – likely – you. There’s no resting in peace after such a life. She’s been gone a couple of decades, and I’ve changed a lot over the years. If our ancestors see us, I honestly hope that my dead can and have changed. I hope she can begin to understand. But, frankly, my concern is for the living and for our future.

Her life and mine have been governed by US policies of genocide directed by men like her father, who helped make the National Guard federal and paved the road to police murdering students at Jackson State College, the guard shooting up Kent State and the “potus” saber rattling today.

George W. Bush harnessed my ancestor William B. Travis’ racism in his presidency and governorship and his baseball team.

Remember Katrina!

Mission Accomplished!

All living former Presidents must decry white supremacy and its roots in the police. Where are you Jimmy? I sat in your Sunday school. Bill, you playing the horn or are you working to end war? Barack, do you support 8 to Abolition or “8CantWait”?

George, fuck you. What can you say? What will you do?

I reject the Travis and Smith legacy: not on my planet. Not in my Universe.

Trump and Mitch and Roberts – I call for justice. (Keep sleeping, Thomas)

We are all made of the same star stuff.

Our bones are crushed under dinosaurs.

Gods below.

I summon you to listen.

Burn down the patriarchy and kill capitalism. We are living through the sixth mass extinction on Earth. There is no future for humanity if we continue on this path.

Equality matters. Honesty matters. Justice matters. Black lives matter. Listen to Black Women. Black Trans lives MATTER! Believe Black Women. Our economy is based on consumption, destruction and exploitation. It is, in every way, unsustainable.

What life is worth living in a world running on fumes and white hatred?

I have no respect for cops, dictators, General Ripper or the 1%. Fuck you, Queen Liz and fuck you trumps. Classism. Racism. Colonialism. Genocide. Misogyny. Zealotry. Transphobia. Homophobia. Queer bashing. Ageist. Ableist. Imprisonment advocates and lynchers and murders. You cannot do this in my name. Step aside, peacefully, and save your souls.

The USA cannot wait for this strange interloper to lead us to safety: the man playing at POTUS hides in his bunker. (Close your mouth. Resign today. Go, develop your heart and spend some time with your family. You have kids. Do you know your grandchildren? How’s your niece?)

Military bases of the United States of America should drop dishonorable titles connected to white supremacist ideology. Rename Travis AFB! The base mottos, too. “Termini Non Existent”?

NO. There are hard lines.

Greetings. We come in peace.

There are always boundaries, even if it’s a möbius strip. There are things that are over the line, beyond any question of doubt. Boundaries are policy. To divide and conquer, or connect the dots? To tear down white bigotry. To destroy white institutional racism. To have human society. Community. Anything short of understanding that is an endorsement for endless for-profit war. Black lives MATTER. We need unprejudiced leadership and peaceful transitions of leadership. I call upon ALL white supremacists in the US government to self deport. Step down, peacefully.

End institutional racism and black genocide. Save your souls. Emancipate yourselves from hate. I ask you to leave your posts, and help save our collective existence.

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